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Crazy Skates Company - Coming to AMERICA

One of the most significant decisions to assist the growth of Crazy Skates is the opening of our own Distribution Center in America....

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Corinne Sanderson Featured Skater

Crazy DBX Featured Skater - Corrine 'Jam Slamwitch' Sanderson

This week's Featured DBX Skater is Corrine 'Jam Slamwitch' Sanderson who plays for St. Albert Roller Derby who are based in Saint Albert, Alberta. Corinne is the type of person who puts in 150% all of the time, she is agile and quick but can also take a b...

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Amanda Rayner - Featured Skater

Crazy DBX Featured Skater - Amanda 'Mad Minx' Rayner

Amanda Rayner Mad Minx Gold City Rollers DBX3 DBX5 DBX Crazy Skates International Australia Western Australia Kalgoorlie The Great Southern Slam TGSS Golden Girl Team Crazy Featured Skater...

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Trish The Dish - Featured Skater

Crazy DBX Featured Skater - Trish 'The Dish' Ethier

Dish is the manager at Sin City Skates and lives to skate. She is passionate as she is dedicated to playing derby and living her life in general. She is a powerful force both off and on the track and for those of you who don't know her, she is one of the...

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How to Adjust your Cushions/Bushings

An informative video on how to change out the Cushions/Bushings on your Venus Plates...

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Heat Shaping Your DBX Boot

We have been getting a lot of enquiry in regards to the best way to heat shape the DBX Boot so below we have uploaded a step by step video on how this can be done! ...

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DBX Boot Semicircle

Just a taste of what is coming soon! Crazy DBX Boots!

This is just a taste of things to come !!! CRAZY are going to redefine the word 'CUSTOM'...

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