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Crazy Skates Company - Coming to AMERICA

One of the most significant decisions to assist the growth of Crazy Skates is the opening of our own Distribution Center in America....

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How to Adjust your Cushions/Bushings

An informative video on how to change out the Cushions/Bushings on your Venus Plates...

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Heat Shaping Your DBX Boot

We have been getting a lot of enquiry in regards to the best way to heat shape the DBX Boot so below we have uploaded a step by step video on how this can be done! ...

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Celebrity Art 2012 Over Shoulder

The NEW Celebrity Art 2012

Crazy Skate Co introduces the all new Celebrity ART - setting new standards for the classic hi-white boot skates. Designed for the recreational or beginner artistic skater - it's simple, no other skate compares in Value - Comfort or Quality...

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